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Parallel Thinking
A monthly stand-up show that asks comics to each tell a joke on the same theme but not tell the same joke. It’s comedy. Don’t cross streams.

ep 5. daddy issues

Our founding fathers were cool. They like, did stuff. They raised us and… Oh, you thought we were talking about our “founding” fathers? Those rabbel-rousing, slave owning frat boys? Nah. Wait a minute– Who’s YOUR daddy? A night of comedy that celebrates the fathers that founded us. For better or for worse.

Chris Farah

Jonathan Giles

Daliya Karnofsky

Casey Ley

Andrew Michaan

Jane Miller

Hosted by

Rachel Germaine & Ed K-O

Wednesday July 19 @ 8 pm
Open Space
457 N. Fairfax Ave.

$5 advance / $7 at door
No drink minimum
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