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Parallel Thinking
A monthly stand-up show that asks comics to each tell a joke on the same theme but not tell the same joke. It’s comedy. Don’t cross streams.

ep 4. june gloom

L.A. has two seasons; summer and June Gloom. It’s God’s way of letting us know L.A.’s hot, we’re just not that hot, ya know? Keeps us grounded. Jokes and stories about those overcast days we all inevitably face before hopping back on that inflatable unicorn floatie.

James Fritz
Dahéli Hall
Trisha LaFache
Ify Nwadiwe
Ariana Sanchez
Madison Shepard                                                                                                              Claire Titleman

Hosted by
Ayana Hampton & Ed K-O

Tuesday, June 6 @ 8pm
Open Space
457 N. Fairfax Ave.

$5 advance / $7 at door
No drink minimum
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