past shows

Tuesday, May 2 @ 8 pm

ep. 3 Birthdays

It’s Ed’s birthday month. Not Mary’s. Mary never ages. Have you SEEN her new haircut? Flawless. But back to birthdays… Who got tube socks- again? Who had the crappiest party? Who likes getting older? Jokes and stories about the inevitable we’re all doomed to face…people forgetting your birthday. Wah! Or maybe that’s a good thing…

Proceeds from this month’s show will be donated to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Eli Braden
Solomon Georgio
Billy Griffin
Michelle Liebel
Ayana Hampton
Brittany Ross

Hosted by
Mary Kenny & Ed K-O


Tuesday, April 4 @ 8pm

ep 2. The Come Down
Life is swell when you’re riding the wave, but what happens when it all comes crashing down? Stories from the dregs of humility. Hangovers, failures big and small and day-after realizations make for a good night of laughs- especially when it’s not about you.

Luke Cunningham
Brett Goldstein
Louis Katz
Melanie Maras
Brad Milison
Molly Ruben-Long
Sheng Wang

Hosted by
Mary Kenny & Ed K-O

Tuesday, March 7 @ 8pm

ep 1. First Timers
To kick off our big debut, we’re asking comics to share their “first time.” Maybe that’s their first shag, quinceanera, or baby – who knows!

Jodi Miller
Danielle Perez
Adrian Poynton
Rachel Rosenbloom
Allen Strickland Williams
Pete Zias

Hosted by
Mary Kenny & Ed K-O